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The Art of Eight Limbs and  the Olympic boxing.




Muay Thai

Beginners: Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays 6pm-7.15pm

(no previus experience needed)



Beginners: Mondays, Thursdays  7.15 pm – 8.15 pm


Muay Thai, also called Thai Boxing or Thai Boxing, comes from the ancient Thai martial art of Muay Boran. Today, it is popularized mainly as a sport version, i.e. Muay Thai, which can be classified either as sport or martial art. Sport because its important element is sport competition, and martial art because it is still rooted in tradition, art of the fight. The fight must be preceded by a wakru dance, which also has symbolic significance, which is a reference to Thai customs and mythology.

Boxing is an ancient Greek discipline that in modern times was reborn in England and spread throughout the world. It involves hitting the blows with your hands, either to the head or torso of the opponent. Apart from training in the field of fighting, boxing training includes general development elements, develops mobility, proper coordination as well as training of mental resistance and concentration. Boxing returned to the modern Olympic Games in 1904.


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Monthly Muay Thai section tickes

  • age 13- 25 –  100 zł
  • age over 26   – 130 zł

*discount for regular attendance

For Muay Thai group boxing sessions are for free

Individual training 100zl/hour

First training for free. 


Monthly  Boxing section tickets

Youth & Adults

  • age 13- 25  80 zł
  • age over 26  100 zł


  • age 6-10 – 50 zł

First training for free.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to prepare to start training?

You do not have to prepare yourself in any way to start training in the beginner group. Participants are gradually implementing the training cycle under the guidance of a trainer, building strength and technical skills from scratch.

What is the training process?

Workouts begin with a beginner group, whose goal is to develop correct movement habits and physical preparation to bear training loads. During training, exercisers use equipment such as shields and punching bags. There is no sparring in the beginner group, the training is non-contact. Exercise with a partner is limited to learning individual technical elements of combat. Only in the  advanced group you will learn elements of fight. By signing up for training you do not need training equipment, because before you start using it you must master the basic techniques. Later, it is necessary to buy boxing gloves, foot and shin protectors, as well as other protectors such as knee, elbow and crotch guards.

What does training look like?

Training begins with warm-up, then learning the elements of combat, then technical and strength exercises, and ends with stretching.

Beginners start from the basics of general development and study of elementary techniques, with time they get task training. There is no sparrings in the beginner group, contact rivalry takes place only on the advanced group.

When will I learn to fight?

Depending on your own involvement and the frequency of training, this process can last from several months to a year. However, people who want to become competitors must be aware that training is only part of the path to success, the next is their own work (processing fitness and technical tasks) as well as proper eating habits that provide the right conditions for the body to develop form.


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